Tips for your divorce trial.

  1. Make sure you understand what you are being asked. It has nothing to do with intelligence. I talk fast, so the question can come out jumbled or sound weird. It is ok to say, “ I don’t understand that question. Can you ask it another way? 
  2. You are supposed to be nervous in a courtroom. It is ok to feel sick or have a nervous sweat. Just focus on something in the courtroom. 
  3. The Judge needs to be able to hear you. If you are a soft talker, please speak up. The microphones in the courtroom are for recording only.  
  4. If the question is a yes or no question. Please answer yes or no. Your attorney can help you clarify the question. 
  5. Don’t react positively or negatively. This includes your body language. The Judge is watching everything from the bench. 
  6. If you are winning, stop taking and wait to celebrate when you leave the courthouse.